A happy dog is one who gets enough food, sleep, stimulation, and outdoor activity. When it comes to food, I always choose to buy the best range of dog foods and supplements for my two golden retrievers. I mostly stay away from cheap brands and products as I don’t like to compromise on the quality of food and supplement that I give to my two dogs.

After all if we humans don’t eat bad food to save up on money then why should we do that to our dogs, they are not just pets, they are family.

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Since most retail stores carry only one or two brands I prefer to buy dog from online pet stores. I have brought premium dog food from a number of online stores at their list price and haven’t gave it a second thought even when I didn’t get any discount. A couple of weeks back I saw an ad for an online pet store in Ludhiana and clicked on it. To my surprise canineplay.com didn’t only had dog foods from a number of good brands but like Monge, Royal Canin, and Drools but they also offered very attractive discount on all items.

There were a lot of options for me to choose from for different types of dry and wet food along with snacks and supplements. All4Pets provides delivery on all items within 48 hours and also has other range of items for pets like dog toys, medicines, clothes, along with grooming kits and other pet accessories.